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On this site you will find tutorials on programming in the Java language, as well as some of its related technologies. Whether you are learning to program or are an experienced programmer, this site will be useful as reference material to answer questions related to this language. In each article you will find a step-by-step guide on a specific aspect, usually accompanied by example code snippets and complete projects that you can download from our repository.

My name is Marcelo, I am a Computer Systems Analyst with more than twenty years of experience as a programmer, having worked as a Cobol programmer and in Geographic Information Systems during the first years and then ventured into Java and its technologies for the development of business applications. I decided to start writing this blog in order to help amateurs, students and professionals by providing content that we consider relevant.

We constantly add new content and improve the site to make it more useful to you. I will appreciate it if you send me your comments and/or suggestions to: